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Get a weekly hit of the good life for gastro-nomads from Relish Culinary Tours. Enjoy exciting new content with featured wines and decadent recipes from our favorite culinary destinations.
What we do

Relish Culinary Tours designs exclusive, fully-arranged, small-group, escorted gastronomic experiences in Spain and Italy for private groups and individuals with the focus being on remarkable social and cultural venues, and behind-closed-door experiences. We collaborate closely with immensely talented and influential chefs in each destination and we have put together some exceptional culinary itineraries that showcase the most incredible highlights of each region and an unparalled access.

We have spent years travelling throughout Spain and Italy, building relationships and forging friendships along the way, all strongly rooted in a shared love and passion for living indulgently through memorable food, wine, travel, great friends and exceedingly rich and culturally immersive experiences. Each trip is carefully crafted and fully customized to reflect the personal interests and passions of each guest. We use the best hotels, flawless transportation, and we dine at some of the most sought -after tables in Europe.

Each of our venues has been meticulously chosen for their excellence and character. We'll feast on impeccable and astonishing dishes offered up by some of the most influential chefs in the world and sample spectacular artisanal regional products, which cannot be found anywhere else.

Everywhere we go, our guests are graciously welcomed with open arms. Groups are intimate and deliberately small to allow for impeccable attention to detail and quality of experience. The personal attention and intimate encounters with personalities of interest is what makes these trips so unique. Each trip we design, involves close collaboration with key figures to provide the most memorable and unique experiences and behind-closed-door access to ensure that each guest's experience in Spain and Italy is truly unforgettable. These experiences are for those truly passionate about gastronomy and the atmosphere is incredibly fun and relaxed, inspirational and transformative.

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