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Terms & Conditions

Fine Print

“HTT” refers to Highbourne Enterprises Inc. d.b.a. “Helen Thompson Travel”, which is the travel company that has arranged this Relish Culinary Tour , and

“you” includes not only the person who is effecting the booking or who is communicating with HTT, but also to all persons on whose behalf that person purports to act.  By purporting to act for others, that person is stating that he has the authority to bind such other people, and will be accountable to them. 

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings by you with HTT, and to all communications between you and HTT.  They are intended to define the rights and obligations of each party, and cannot be amended or waived except in writing, signed by all affected parties.

Prices, Reservations & Payment

Our prices are quoted in US Dollars. To reserve your Relish Culinary Tour, HTT requires a deposit of $500 US Dollars per person. 100 days prior to departure the balance of your payment is due in full. For confirmation of your reservation by HTT it is required that you complete, sign and return your Traveller information Form, and also Acknowledgement of Risk, Release and Indemnity 15 days prior to receipt of your confirmation package. Individual travellers who wish to ensure that they have private rooms throughout a tour will be charged a single supplement.

Cancelling a Tour

The fees for cancelling your reservation are as follows:
Days prior to tour Fee per person
101+ days = $250 USD
61–100 days = 25% of tour price
31–60 days = 50% of tour price
0–30 days = 100% of tour price

HTT Cancellation Policy

HTT reserves the right to cancel and/or to modify the components of, and/or the scheduling for any Relish Culinary Tour at any time for any reason. Examples of such situations are as follows, but not limited to: too few participants, or if quality of the tour or the safety of travellers is judged to be compromised. HTT herein gives notice that we cannot be responsible for any disruption of travel and/or unrest, labor problems, mechanical or construction difficulties, climatic aberrations, acts of God, war, diseases, or any other circumstances beyond its control. In such a case, refund of payments received by HTT shall constitute full settlement. HTT cannot assume responsibility for any loss incurred on account of non-refundable air or other tickets, or service fees. HTT asks for your understanding and patience in these cases and commits to comply with the Ontario Travel Industry Act in this regard.

Optional Cancellation Insurance

For peace of mind HTT highly recommends the RBC and Reliable Life Cancellation and Interruption Insurance. A summary of the RBC and Reliable Life Cancellation and Interruption Insurance is included with your confirmation package. If for whatever reason you do not have it, please contact HTT. The price of the RBC or Reliable Life Cancellation and Interruption Insurance is automatically added to each traveller's reservation and will appear on your invoice. Note that coverage is not placed until full payment of the premium has been received. If you intend not to obtain this coverage, please advise HTT expressly. When making reservations within 100 days prior to departure, payment for the insurance must be included with your full tour payment.


Travel Insurance is designed to protect your travel investment, cover unforseen emergency medical and other expenses, and provide peace of mind. HTT strongly advises that you review your personal insurance and your health insurance to ensure you have coverage appropriate to meet your needs, and the needs of your family and dependants. Insurance offered may include coverage for trip cancellation or interruption, emergency medical expenses for illness or injury, costly emergency medical evacuation, travel delays, lost or damaged baggage, emergency assistance services, and more.

Eligibility, Health and Well Being

HTT requires that travellers be at least 18 years of age on all tours. By sending a deposit toward your tour purchase and returning the Traveller Information Form to HTT, you certify that you do not have any physical condition or disability that would create a hazard for you or other travellers and you have received all appropriate vaccinations. Please consult your doctor. If you have any physical or mental disability that may limit your ability to fully participate, please consult HTT. HTT may require a medical certificate prior to confirming the booking of your trip.

The Fun Part - Preparing for Your Trip

Before embarking on a journey, the memories of which will last a life time, HTT encourges our travellers to read up on their destinations with regards to suitable clothing and footwear for the destination and to ensure they are healthy and fit for any physical demands of the tour. Your HTT Relish Culinary Tour will also expose you to culture-specific etiquette of the country. As anywhere in the world, a little knowledge goes a long way; being able to say “thank you” in the native tongue for wonderful service; the understanding that in some countries, living standards, cultural practices, along with services and accommodations may differ from those we are accustomed to in North America or Europe (most often in charming ways); and to appreciate these experiences that connect people and place.

Travel Documents and Passport Requirements

While every effort is made to provide accurate information, visa and passport requirements are constantly changing and there may be a delay before we are advised of such changes. Although HTT endeavours to provide you with accurate information about these requirements we recommend this information be confirmed by the traveller to verify that he /she has the appropriate travel documents and (if needed) innoculations. HTT does not warrant any visa or passport information that it provides, and you use and rely on it at your own descretion. HTT cannot be liable for any expenses or costs arising from a traveller being prohibited from entering a country we visit on tour, or travel through (whether scheduled or not).

Independent Services

HTT may recommend the services of external travel agencies or other support services in response to requests made by travellers for services outside of the scope of the HTT Relish Culinary Tour. HTT does not own or operate any of these firms; therefore, shall not be liable for any intentional or careless actions or omissions on part of such independent service companies, which result in any loss, damage, delay or injury to you or your travel companions or group members. Although HTT endeavours to recommend only companies that provide the highest levels of service, and work closely with them to try and obtain special treatment for HTT travellers, HTT cannot guarantee the existence or the quality of services provided by these third party service providers. HTT cannot be liable for any expenses or costs arising from any services, or lack thereof, provided by recommended companies.


The term HTT in this brochure refers to Helen Thompson Travel, a division Highbourne Enterprises Inc., an Ontario corporation, which offers and operates all the Relish Culinary Tours listed herein. The term HTT in the brochure refers to Helen Thompson Travel, a division of Highbourne Enterprises Inc. and its related and affiliated companies, and their employees, contractors, guides, shareholders, officers, directors and agents.
All HTT Relish Culinary Tours are intentionally designed to take clients “on a unique culinary experience” to destinations where facilities, infrastructure, and safety and other standards may not be sophisticated and may be different from those in a traveller’s home country. Tours may involve physical activity that can be demanding, depending on the condition of the traveller, and the risk of serious personal injury, including permanent disability and death from accident, illness or the actions or negligence of other persons. Medical facilities and services may not be easily accessible and may not be sophisticated. There are other risks associated with the tours, such as theft or loss of or damage to property. Some of the services provided in connection with the tour, including lodging, transportation, food service, and local tours and activities, are obtained from independent suppliers over whom HTT has no control, for whose acts or omissions it is not liable.

Complaint Process

HTT strives to provide to its passengers a memorable and problem-free experience.  On occasion, despite these efforts, an issue does arise.  Sometimes, the issue concerns HTT, but more frequently it will involve a supplier.  Regardless of the source and nature of the issue, HTT requires that you:

a) Advise of the issue, as soon as practical, both HTT’s on-site representative and its head office, providing as many details as possible in the circumstances,

b)  Provide a more written outline of the relevant facts and of your requested action, no
later than fourteen (14) days following the end of the tour in question,

c)  Engage in oral and/or written discussions with HTT, for at least thirty (30) days following HTT’s acknowledgment of receipt of your written complaint, in a good faith effort to resolve the matter,

d)  Advise HTT in writing, after the expiry of the period referred to in (c), in the event that you believe that these discussions are unlikely to lead to resolution,

e)  Agree not to resort to the Courts until after the written notice in (d) has been received by HTT.

Limitation of Liability, Release and Indemnity

To be eligible to take a HTT Relish Culinary Tour, travellers must accept these risks and assume full responsibility for any loss, injury, death or damage to them, their family or their dependants arising in connection with their participation, or the participation of their family, in the tours. It is the traveller's responsibility to have their own insurance appropriate to their needs and the needs of their family or dependants in respect of such loss, injury, death or damage.

Although HTT endeavours to choose appropriate independent suppliers to provide services on the tours, HTT has no right to control their operations and therefore makes travel arrangements for the tours on the condition that HTT will not be liable for any act or omission of any independent supplier or any unrelated third party. The services provided by independent suppliers are subject to the laws of the place where the services are provided, and any conditions imposed by those suppliers. The liability of the independent suppliers may be limited by their tariffs, conditions of carriage, tickets and vouchers, and international conventions and agreements.

The cost of all HTT trips is based on travellers agreeing to this Limitation of Liability, Release and Indemnity. In consideration for participating in the trips, travellers agree not to sue HTT in respect of, and forever release them from, all liability for economic loss and physical or mental injury, direct or indirect, arising in connection with the tour – including, without limitation, permanent disability and death; any emotional distress; any loss of services, financial support, aid, consortium or companionship; and any damage to or loss of property – in each case even if caused in whole or in part by the conduct, including the negligence, of HTT, except where such loss, injury or damage is caused by reckless or fraudulent conduct on the part of HTT or its employees, guides, shareholders, officers or directors, in which case the traveller retains the right to sue only HTT in respect of that conduct.

Travellers further agree that they will indemnify and hold HTT harmless in respect of any claims arising in connection with the tour made by: i) third parties, which arise from the misconduct of the travellers; ii) the traveller’s family members, dependants or heirs, iii) third parties, which the traveller, their estate, their family members, dependants or heirs have sued, if damages are recovered from such third parties, to the extent the third party obtains any indemnification from HTT; except where the loss, injury, death or damage is caused by the reckless or fraudulent conduct on the part of HTT, or its employees, guides, shareholders, officers or directors.

HTT reserves the right to decline accepting or retaining any traveller whose health or actions in HTT's sole judgement impede the operation of a tour or the welfare or enjoyment of fellow travellers. In further consideration for participating in the tour, travellers agree that HTT, or their designate, may use any photographic or film records of the tours for promotional and/or commercial purposes, without any remuneration to the traveller. The traveller agrees to assign to HTT all right, title and interest they may have in or to any media in which their name or likeness might be used to HTT.

Travellers agree that HTT is the trustee of the respective rights of HTT under this Limitation of Liability, Release and Indemnity, which will apply to a traveller’s tours with HTT, and any transfer of a reservation to another tour, including any pre-trip or post-tour extensions. This Limitation of Liability, Release and Indemnity is binding upon all members of the traveller’s family, dependants, estate, heirs, successors and legal personal representatives. Any claim or dispute arising out of or relating to this Limitation of Liability, Release and Indemnity or its interpretation, the tour, or the traveller’s relationship with HTT will be resolved exclusively in the courts of the Province of Ontario and will be governed exclusively by Ontario law. Your retention of tickets, reservations or bookings after issuance shall constitute a consent of the above, and an agreement on your part to convey the contents hereof to your travel companions or group members.

Personal Information and Privacy Policy

The HTT privacy Policy can be found at Privacy Policy
All passengers who book with HTT thereby consent to the policy, and all persons who use the HTT website consent to that portion of the policy.

Highbourne Enterprises Inc. is registered under the Travel Industry Act of Ontario
(Registration Nos. 3014193).

61 Hayden Street
Toronto, Ontario

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