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Italy 2008
Trip Highlights
Revel in the exquisite architecture, chic cities, charming rural villages and lush wine country of Northern Spain. 

Be seduced by the astonishing art, historic sights and scenic beauty, from the Gothic Quarter and Gaudi’s architectural legacy in Barcelona and the modern glories of Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum to the 19th Century Belle Epoque atmosphere of elegant San Sebastian. You will come to know intimately the spectacular countryside of Northern Spain and the Basque region.

Travel from Barcelona to the Atlantic coast and experience authentically the different languages, cultures, and traditions of each region.

Feast on regional specialties and tour magical villages and who knows -- you may even stumble upon a fiesta or two! 
Culinary Highlights
In Barcelona, wander about the stylish avenues and join in the rituals of the "tapeo,” which is the Spanish word for roaming from bar to bar, leavening one’s alcohol intake with tiny portions of superbly delicious food.

Enjoy gorgeous wines from Rioja, Penedes, Priorat and Ribera del Duero at prestigious and world- famous cellars and vineyards throughoutour route and discover impeccable finds from unknown wineries that are good enough to write home about. 

In San Sebastian, savor the exuberant and indulgent creations of restaurants such as Arzak, Akelare and Berasetegui and take in the history of the magical old quarter where pintxo bars (Basque tapas bars) showcase the abundance and astonishing variety of these delectable little nibbles. Take part in the intriguing and infamous heritage of the member-only "gastronomic societies," a truly unforgettable experience.

Feast on truffles and foie gras, exquisite meats, tender lamb and naturally-raised beef as well as the most irresistible seafood to be found in all of Europe. 
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