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Get a weekly hit of the good life for gastro-nomads from Relish Culinary Tours. Enjoy exciting new content with featured wines and decadent recipes from our favorite culinary destinations.
Distinctively Relish
  We believe that cuisine is a highlight of travel, and we have carefully designed Relish Culinary Tours to include exclusive experiences that best capture the unique food, wine and culinary traditions of each destination.

Exceptional Cuisine

Culinary adventures are the focus for any Relish trip and we have designed an exclusive itinerary to include unique experiences that allow you to sample the best of a region’s cuisine, from its most refined and prestigious venues, to the most memorable rustic and traditional fare. Whether we’re enjoying a late-night tapas tour of Barcelona's gastronomic landmarks, dining in a Michelin three-starred restaurant in San Sebastian, feasting on decadent pastas in a lively Roman trattoria, or sipping on lusciously creamy Neapolitan coffee, it's all about indulging in memorable dining experiences at every turn.

Exclusive Hotels

Spend your nights in spectacular boutique hotels, gracious villas and historic inns. From the regal elegance of the Hotel Majestic on Barcelona's famed avenue Passeo de Gracia in Spain to the awe-inspiring glory of the Pallazzo Sasso in Ravello perched high above the magnificent Amalfi coastline, you can be assured of a truly memorable night's stay.

Unforgettable Experiences

Our trips emphasize authentic and unique experiences, richly rewarding and culturally immersive settings and that local find.

Many of our travelers are like-minded gatsro-nomads and we have designed our itineraries to include unique encounters – from an unforgettable tasting menu at a top-secret gastronomic society meeting to a private demo of the newest techniques in molecular gastronomy. Indulge in regional products along our routes– from exquisite hand-pulled mozzarella di bufala and artisan chocolates in Italy to decadent foie gras and hand-cultivated wild mushrooms in Spain. Taste precious bottlings at world-renowned wineries and enjoy an unforgettable meal in a rustic farmhouse where the grill master of the region prepares a tantalizing grilled feast, all using specially patented grilling contraptions and even homemade charcoal!

Personalized Service

Your guides and escorts will take care of everything, from the smallest details, to ensure that your experience with us is truly carefree and unforgettable. Whether it’s taking care of shipping your latest purchases to your home country or arranging last minute touches on an al fresco seaside feast, our goal is not only to meet your needs, but to anticipate them, providing you with exceptional service at every turn.

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